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Crash Repair Services Cork

Crash Repair Services

To ensure a quality service is delivered. All of our jobs follow the process below.

1. Damage evaluation

Prewash and inspect your vehicle and generate a complete listing of all works to be completed.

2. Detailed inspection

  • Disassemble your vehicle to expose all hidden damage
  • Measure in order to notify your insurance company and you about the level of repairs.
  • Order parts and notify you of the completion date.

3. Frame and bodywork

  • Measure and repair your vehicle.
  • Re-treat all areas where factory coatings are marked
  • Paint all weld areas and prepare any new panels that are required.
  • Ensure that the new panels fit correctly and install them
  • Complete any required metalwork.

4. Prepare and paint

  • The vehicle will first be primed and sanded to ensure that a rust resistant finish is achieved
  • The surface will be prepared for painting by cleaning the surface with compressed air and solvents.
  • A urethane coating will be applied to match the factory finish
  • The vehicle will be baked at 180° for 45 minutes to provide a durable finish.

5. Completion and inspection

  • All removed parts will be replaced
  • Any damaged upholstery will be repaired and/or replaced.
  • The air conditioner will be recharged and all electrical wiring reconnected.
  • Our quality manager will then inspect and test drive your car to ensure that you get the car back to where you want it.

6. Wash and valet

  • Your vehicle will be washed and valet, so that you get your car back with this close to a showroom finish as possible.

7. Pick up your car

  • Once your vehicle has passed all of our quality checks. We will give you a call and arrange a pickup time.

8. Car Towing service

  • If you suffer a breakdown/crash where the car is no longer drivable, we can get the car towed back to our garage.

Our attention to detail and this process ensures that you get a quality finish and a quality service.

If you need any bodywork done on your vehicle, why not give us a call on 021- 4963033 contact us on

Opening Hours

  • Monday to Friday 9 am till 5.300 pm
  • Estimates by appointments out side business hours


  • Collection and delivery
  • Overnight storage
  • Replacement car
  • Free estimates
  • Car Towing
  • Paint work and body panel replacement
  • Guarantee on all service repairs
  • All makes and models repaired
  • 5 year guarantee on all bodywork
Covering Your Insurance Excess
We cover a minimum of the first €100 of your insurance excess and higher depending on the size of the job. Call Us on 021 496 3033 to find out more.
Opening Hours
  • Monday to Friday 9 am till 5.300 pm.
  • Estimates by appointments out side business hours.
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